Andrew joined the Blue Sky Fund in January of 2019 as its Executive Director and is responsible for carrying out BSF's vision of leveling the playing field for deserving students in the Denver Metro Area. He is interested in supporting BSF Scholars by adopting an empirical approach to addressing the equity gap. Because personal/social circumstances should not be obstacles in achieving educational potential and it is of paramount importance that underserved students be afforded as much or more advantage and consideration as their peers, he has made it a priority to develop rigorous and engaging methods of helping students master the college admissions process. 


To achieve BSF's goal, he leads a team of talented educators who deliver effective and proven SAT and college admissions instruction in a manner that adapts to the unique needs of each BSF Scholar. Andrew also manages all aspects of BSF programming, including structure, delivery, data, and evaluation to ensure sustainable growth for the organization. 


A Denver native who attended George Washington High School, Andrew completed his studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder where he received both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Subsequently, he served as Director of Education for a private tutoring company. During this time, he was first introduced to BSF and coordinated the first four years of its ACCESS Program before accepting the role of Executive Director.

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The Blue Sky Fund is a group of rising civic and business leaders comprised of mostly native Coloradoans who have decided to  turn the goodwill and admirable intentions of our peers into direct financial support for Education focused efforts and to support Colorado-based charities focused on serving our youth. 


As adults establishing ourselves in society, our awareness of our abilities and opportunties encourages our responsibility to help those less fortunate.





Our mission is to help level the playing field for disadvantaged children.  

A college education is the primary determinant of a young person’s future earning power and contribution to society.  College today is both hard to get into and hard to afford and there are tremendous advantages afforded to those with financial resources.


Standardized test scores are a heavily weighted factor in college admissions and private tutoring has been proven to add an average of 5-10% to test scores.   Such a material increase in test scores can independently impact the school a student is admitted to, as well as the scholarships and financial assistance offered.   


SAT/ACT tutoring sponsorships is an extremely dollar efficient way of supporting a student’s chance of getting into college and getting academic scholarships. 

Blue Sky created it’s A.C.C.E.S.S program to provide tutoring scholarships to students who qualify based on both need and merit.  By providing the same tools and strategies, A.C.C.E.S.S attempts to create an equal opportunity for low-income students throughout the college application process.


If you would like to get more involved, sponsor a student, nominate a student for the access program, or have interest in partnering with us, please contact: bsfcolorado@gmail.com



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